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The Beginning!

Hi I’m Sandra, I’m a dental nurse here in Clontarf Orthodontics and I just got braces!  You are probably aware of Invisalign from our blog posts to date but this blog is going to be about my own journey and experiences of the treatment.

Last week I  started my Invisalign treatment! I’ve been on bated breath since I posted the box of impressions away to the Lab, now I know how the patients feel! Seeing the packs with the aligners inside made me very excited to get started straight away. I had Shona’s head melted asking her to fit them in for me all day. Worse than a child! I had train track braces as a teenager and I remember that bulky feeling in my mouth. This was so different and I was pleasantly surprised! They are comfortable and genuinely invisible, Claire on the desk didn’t even notice them I had to tell her, which was a great feeling and gave me a bit more confidence. None of my family or friends noticed them when I got home – they really are so hard to see!

It hasn’t been all blissful and easy. Like all orthodontic treatment, it hurt a bit at the beginning. The first week I could feel the pressure in my worst areas. A couple of paracetemol and all was well with the world. Still nobody has noticed I’m wearing them which makes me less inclined to complain (because then they’ll know!).  The aligners are tightly fitted to my teeth but like any foreign body in my mouth its making me produce more saliva so I’m a little conscious of that, but with time I know my mouth will get used to it and I can get back to talking normally!

Over all the beginning has been exciting, I’m looking forward to charting my progress over the blog and hopefully answering any questions anyone has about what its like. This is a picture of my teeth now and I’ll make sure to keep the updates coming so we can share the changes!

Invisalign before pic

Invisalign before pic
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