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Teeth Whitening at Clontarf Orthodontics

Teeth Whitening

Thinking of getting teeth whitening treatment? STOP! Did you know you can use our Invisalign trays for teeth whitening!! Yes – at the early stages – the first 3 aligners or at the final stages – the last 3 aligners, they double up as bleaching trays – saving you the cost of purchasing them with your dentist.

Some people worry about bleaching. It is now very highly regulated and the mild agents in the Opalesence solution we use are perfectly safe. We recommend home whitening over a week or two rather than the more severe one visit bleaching at the dental surgery. For colour a  good rule of thumb is to try to achieve a shade of white that matches the whites of your eyes. It really all depends on how white you want your teeth to be. Some people want their teeth to be a soft, natural shade of white, while others want that striking Hollywood white. The good news about home bleaching is that you can control the colour.

An initial teeth whitening consultation with your dentist is the perfect time to discuss what shade you’d like to achieve and to talk about how to get it. The level of whitening your teeth can obtain will vary based on several factors such as the existing shade of the teeth, genetics and diet. It’s not possible for everyone’s teeth to reach the same shade of whiteness—regardless of the whitening material used. Also, each person will whiten at a different rate: some will whiten faster than others.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Regardless of what method you choose to whiten your teeth, the time the teeth stay white afterwards depends mainly on you and your lifestyle and its important to have realistic expectations.

Some foods, habits (like smoking), and medications that can cause staining to occur after your teeth have been whitened. You’ll want to avoid these as much as possible during whitening in order to maintain your white smile. Ask the advice of your dentist. Once you’ve achieved the level of white you want, it is up to you to maintain your bright, white smile. Remember it takes just as long to stain your teeth again as it did in the first place, and good habits and oral hygiene are the best ways to keep your dazzling smile. You may want to use a teeth whitening toothpaste like Opalescence whitening Toothpastes in order to help maintain your white smile while also increasing your oral health. If you are concerned that your white smile is fading, ask your dentist about a touch-up treatment for a couple of nights once or twice a year to keep your teeth bright and looking healthy!

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