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Sandra Invisalign Journey Blog

UPDATE: Sandra’s Invisalign Treatment!

Our dental nurse Sandra is back to talk about her Invisalign journey and her treatment so far!

Sandra Invisalign Journey Blog

Sandra here again! It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my Invisalign® braces journey and treatment. I’ve been so busy working with our new orthodontist (he’s really nice!) and my Dental Nursing course is keeping me studying so I haven’t had a chance to keep you updated!

I’m delighted with my progress and finished my first course of treatment after only 7 months. I was lucky enough to be suitable for Invisalign ‘lite’ treatment. This works if you have mild to moderate crowding and need no extractions. I was very pleased at the end of this phase and I thought my teeth were perfect. The bottom ones had really straightened out perfectly and the twisted ones on the top looked great. I smile much more now and am much more confident to show my teeth in photographs.

Shona decided she could tweak the teeth a little bit more. Especially my top left side incisor which was about a millimeter higher than the others when I completed the first set of aligners so I agreed to get what is called an Invisalign refinement done. This basically means more aligners to really detail the final position. I have been changing these aligners every week instead of every 2 weeks and the good news is I am almost at the finish line!! I have to say I am looking forward now to finishing treatment – even though Invisalign® is so much easier to wear than the bulky train tracks braces I wore as a teenager it still is a big commitment – and to get the best possible result you have to wear the aligners pretty much full time. All in all I will have worn them for over a year so I am looking forward to getting back to normal now. I will be opting for permanent retainers and the Vivera retainers provided by Invisalign although these are much more expensive than standard Essix retainer I think it will be worth it. There will be a permanent record of my teeth on computer should I ever be careless enough or unlucky enough to lose the retainers I can order a replacement on line and I don’t need to get more impressions. Also the material they use in the Vivera is stronger than the standard Essix retainers.

If you have any queries about Invisalign or aligner treatments feel free to email me at the practice – I promise to give you an honest answer to any of your questions. My treatment been a great success story for me and I would highly recommend the treatment to anyone who is suitable. You would be amazed how much it affects your confidence!

Keep smiling! ;-)


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