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Kids | Teens Orthodontics


    All brace treatments at Clontarf Orthodontics, Dublin 3 are performed by fully qualified, registered orthodontists who keep themselves abreast of all the latest technological advances in orthodontics.

    Dr Shona Leydon at Clontarf Orthodontics Dublin 3, has a special interest in preventative and interceptive orthodontic treatments.  The technological advances in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning mean that early screening can unravel developing complex problems.  It is essential to bring your child for an orthodontic assessment between the ages of 7 and 9 years of age to get the best and most stable results for your child.

    See our range of teen orthodontic treatments below. See our adult treatment page for more treatments.

    Traditional Metal Braces

    Metal braces are the most popular form of braces available today for our kids and teens. They are easier to clean and colours can be added to suit the patients’ personality. We use a variety of brace systems and our orthodontist will choose the braces that are most suitable to your needs. Some braces are”self-ligating” and work best without colours.



    It is now possible to have virtually invisible brace treatment regardless of your age. Invisalign is one of the aligner systems we use. We design your treatment plan and provide you with a series of clear aligners custom made for you. These aligners gradually move your teeth into their ideal position. Retainers are then worn to hold your teeth in place.

    Invisalign treatment is suitable for most adults. Payment plans are available from as little as 150 euro per month. For more information visit our Invisalign page.

    Lingual Braces

    Some adults are opting for braces on the inside of the teeth. The system we favour are Incognito™ . These are a bespoke appliance custom made in Germany from gold. They are the only truly invisible brace and are popular with some of our adult patients in Dublin.

    Lingual Braces Clontarf Orthodontics
    Clear-Braces | Ceramic Braces Clontarf Orthodontics

    Ceramic Braces

    Ceramic braces are now a popular choice for teens and adults patients of Clontarf Orthodontics in Dublin 3. They provide a discreet alternative to metal fixed braces. We use a number of different systems and will discuss with you which option best suits your needs.

    Removable Braces

    Some braces can be removed from your mouth for cleaning and contact sports. Aligners, Expanders and Twin Block functional braces are varieties of these braces. Our specialist orthodontist in Clontarf will advise you if you are suitable for removable braces.

    Removable-Braces Clontarf Orthodontics

    Dental Hygiene

    At Clontarf Orthodontics we believe that healthy teeth are just as important as straight teeth.

    At your first appointment an assessment will be made regarding your dental hygiene and gum health. Orthodontic treatment will only be provided where oral health is optimal. This is because plaque in combination with acidic or sugary foods, if not properly washed away can cause demineralisation (brown spots) to develop on your teeth during your orthodontic treatment.

    If you need a hygiene appointment prior to getting your brace fitted we will refer you back to your own dentist for the necessary treatments. Alternatively you can attend our hygienist for a cleaning appointment and oral hygiene advice.

    During your orthodontic treatment we monitor your cleaning closely and advise you at every visit how you are doing. Regular professional cleanings are recommended during your treatment to ensure optimum aesthetics and dental health after your brace work is completed.

    Our hygienists have many years experience working with adults and children wearing braces and would be delighted to offer you any oral health advice that you need.

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