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Week 2!


Sandra here again! Coming into my third week I am well and truly used to the feeling of the aligners in my mouth and there has been no pain, which is great!  I have been getting adventurous and tested them out at a few social events too..

I had two big events recently, first was Kings of Leon in Marley Park  and then the second was family christening on  Sunday last. I was worried about what I would do about having a few drinks as I would be out for the whole night not just a few hours. With invisalign, you’re only supposed to have the aligners out for MAX 2 hours a day, so i needed to make a game plan for the weekend! Marie our invisalign specialist was in to talk to Shona so I got some tips from her!  She told me it was important to keep rinsing out the aligners and my mouth after drinks as the rules say to only drink water with them in!

At the concert, I bought a bottle of water and kept it with me to keep rinsing and took them to the sinks, it was much more manageable at the christening as I could just pop into the bathroom and give them a good clean. Granted it lashed rain all night at the concert I need not have bothered with the bottle of water!! Despite the rain I have to say I was happy that I could still go out and enjoy the night out and not worry about making any mistakes or causing problems for my treatment. Kings of Leon were amazing and it was great that all my worries from the week before were for nothing. So big thanks to Marie at Invisalign Ireland for the handy tips!! The other positive from the weekend was that nobody even noticed I had them in, at either the concert or the christening! The reaction when i tell people I have them is hilarious, they are so shocked it never gets old!

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