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My Invisalign Story – The halfway mark!

Hi all!

Sandra here with my Invisalign update! My treatment has been flying along, I’m delighted with my progress. I can see changes in my teeth and feel the difference when I’m cleaning. There are places that I could never fit a Tepe brush into before that I can now, its amazing! And the teeth are really beginning to straighten up.

I’m over halfway through my Invisalign journey now and getting excited to reach the finish line, it seems only a few weeks ago I put the first aligner in. It’s great sharing my experience with patients and helping them with any questions they have, I’m the expert now! I’m so used to my aligners I think its going to be weird when they are actually gone!

These are what attachements look like (1)The best thing I can tell you about Invisalign is, that even after 4 months wearing the aligners, nobody I haven’t told has noticed them.They really are super discreet which makes wearing them so much easier. It’s also great that I can enjoy any food that I want to eat – nothing is off limits! The other great thing I find is that cleaning is so straight forward- it’s just the same as usual – no brackets and wires to get in the way. Click on the image here to get a close up of the changes and to see the attachments.

I’m make sure to update the blog again before christmas and give you some tips for the party season while wearing Invisalign!



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