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Orthodontics & Contact Sports

Orthodontics & Contact Sports

There are many sports that are considered to be contact sports. We have to be careful and make sure to use mouth guards so as to protect our teeth. The mouth guard you had before braces probably won’t fit anymore so it’s best to invest in a new one. Find out about how to protect your teeth and brace if you play contact sports. Always remember to ask you orthodontist if you have any questions or concerns.

Why should you wear a mouthguard?

This may avoid cuts to the mouth from the brace, damage to the brace and may prevent dental injuries. Fortunately the brace itself gives a lot of support to the teeth so the main function of a mouthguard over a brace is to protect the brace and the mouth. Fortunately there are several different types of ‘ortho‐guard’ mouthguards specially designed to fit over fixed braces. We recommend that this is the best type to use with a fixed brace.

 What should you consider when choosing a mouthguard?

  • It should be comfortable, well‐fitting and not prone to dislodging on impact.
  • It should provide adequate thickness of material (4mm) over vulnerable areas to reduce impact forces.
  • When biting lightly on the mouthguard, large areas of its biting surface should be in contact with the teeth in the opposing jaw to reduce the risk of jaw fracture.

 How do I look after my mouthguard?

It is important to look after the mouthguard to ensure its longevity and continued effectiveness. It should be rinsed with cold water or a mouth rinse before and after each use and/or cleaned with a toothbrush. Occasionally the mouthguard should be washed more thoroughly in cool, soapy water and rinsed thoroughly. It should be placed in a firm, perforated container to store or transport it. This permits air circulation and helps to prevent damage. The mouthguard should be protected from high temperatures ‐ such as hot water, hot surfaces, or direct sunlight ‐ to minimise distorting its shape.

 Invisalign and Sports

One of the reasons so many sports players opt for Invisalign is the ease of wear while playing. With Invisalign a mouth guard can be worn over your aligners or alternatively you can take your Invisalign aligners out. It is recommended that they are left in but if you were swimming it is advised you remove them.

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