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Avoid hard foods at all times, including peanuts, popcorn, crusts of bread. Raw fruit and vegetables should be sliced thinly or grated.

Sweet foods and drinks should not be consumed between meals. Acid drinks, such as diet drinks and fruit juices should be avoided between meals. Milk and still water are allowed between meals.


Keeping the gums and teeth very clean is vital, otherwise the teeth will be permanently damaged by the braces. A regular/electric toothbrush should be used as well as dental floss. The brace should be removed after each meal and cleaned under a running tap with a toothbrush, and the teeth should be cleaned before re-inserting the brace.

WATCH VIDEO for more information on appliance cleaning.


The brace must be worn full-time except for contact sports and swimming. A box will be provided, in which the brace should be placed when not being worn. Appliance replacements are costly. Mouth guards should be worn during contact sports.


Should a part of the brace become distorted or broken or if you lose your brace it is vital that the orthodontist sees you as soon as possible. Please call our office and we will arrange for an appointment.

Twin blocks

You must close into the brace so that it is in the working position at all times as demonstrated in the surgery.


Discomfort experienced varies from person to person. When the brace is first fitted it is usual to experience mild discomfort for a few days. When the brace is adjusted some discomfort may also be experienced.

Some parts of the brace may be sharp. Wax can be applied to these areas. Contact us if you have any concerns.


For the first few days speech will be affected, especially “s” sounds. This will normalise after 3-4 days of wearing the brace. Saliva flow is also increased and a taste of acrylic/plastic will be noted. Again this normalises after 3-4 days.


It is important that the orthodontist sees you/your child on a regular basis to check the brace. Missed appointments will increase the treatment time.

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